Ngimbu vows to bring sanity to land administration


The newly appointed Lands Minister CHRISTABEL NGIMBU says she will bring sanity to the ministry by normalising both the allocations of land and the management of the country’s forests resources.

Ms. NGIMBU says she is humbled to have been given the privilege to serve as Minister of Lands and her first task will be to ensure sanity is restored at the Ministry in terms of land administration.

She was speaking to ZNBC news in an interview shortly after the swearing-in ceremony.


Ms NGIMBU says she will not tolerant any form of injustices in the allocation of land because it is every Zambian’s right to have access to land.

She said it is important that Zambia safe guards its land and natural resources for the generations to come.

Ms NGIMBU further acknowledged that the government will not be light headed even on cadres that decide to abrogate the law when it comes to acquiring land.

The issuance of land has been characterised by a myriad of chaotic schemes.

Many citizens have had their property encroanched up by political cadres in what has been termed acts of impunity.