Transport operators accused of stealing from commuters


The Zambia Consumers Association (ZACA) has accused transport operators of stealing from people by failing to reduce the bus and taxi fares despite the significant reduction in fuel prices.

ZACA Executive Secretary Samuel Simutunda has wondered why the cost of transport has not been reduced despite the reduction in fuel prices.

Mr Simutunda has told QFM News that as an association they expected that by now, bus and taxi operators would have reduced the fares.


Mr. Simutunda says the reduction in the fuel price is significant thus the cost of transport should also reduce so that commuters can derive the benefit of the reduced fuel prices.

He says transport operators are stealing from the people of Zambia by refusing to reduce fares when they are buying fuel at a reduced price.

Mr. Simutunda has since called on government to intervene in the matter and compel transport operators to reduce the fares.

He notes that if the cost of transport remains high, the cost of living will continue to rise and the people of Zambia will continue to wallow in poverty.


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