PF explains why Guy Scott was dropped


PF secretary general Davis Chama says Dr Guy Scott is still part of the PF family and has not been discarded by the ruling party. Explaining the dropping of Dr Scott as party and Republican vice-president, Chama said the appointment of Vice-President Inonge Wina should not be misconstrued as a decision by the party to discard Dr Scott from the PF. “It was just a matter of promoting gender [balance]. You have been crying as women that [you] have not held a senior position in government, and the President has been magnanimous to appoint for the first time in the history of this country a female Vice-President, so he must be commended,” he said. Chama said PF still needed Dr Scott’s contributions to the party. “I think he has a lot to contribute.

He is a member of parliament for Lusaka Central Constituency and he is part of the family. We are just trying to promote gender. He (Dr Scott) has not been sidelined. He is a member of PF,” he said. And Chama said there was no guarantee that all ministers would retain their ministerial positions in Edgar Lungu’s govrnment. “The President (Lungu) is on record. He said that they will be new [appointments]… a lot of people will not be appointed while others will be reappointment. There are no guarantees that when you are a minister, you will retain your ministerial position,” Chama said.

“Even some of the people who supported him have not been mentioned yet.” He said President Lungu was doing an evaluation of appointments on the capacity to perform and not whether someone supported him or not during the recent election.  “The President is a new President who has his own style of doing things and he is taking his time. People who are anxious should not be anxious,” said Chama.

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  1. Fooling who? O my God. PF has no credible answer to their invented lie Dr Scott’s dismissal. A simple public relations who have been, the President has constitutional right to hire and fire no quim about it.
    On dismissing Scott there was no need for a press conference a SMS would have done.