Dandy Krazy threatened with violence, forced to cancel a show

Dandy Krazy
Dandy Krazy

Dandy Krazy has dispelled online media assertions alleging that he posted derogatory remarks against a particular tribe on his Facebook page.
The Dibili Dibili singer, Wesley Chibambo, said he was forced to cancel a show last Friday because some people in the area threatened to beat him up for allegedly referring to them as ‘chickens’, assertions he denies.
In a telephone interview at the weekend, Chibambo, however, admitted having exchanged words with an unidentified person who posted disparaging comments on his Facebook page.

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“I quarrelled with someone … who posted on my Facebook page saying that as a musician, I am not supposed to be partisan and that I am chicken-minded for doing so. He even insulted me a lot…So I also responded to him that I would rather be a chicken than be like him,” the singer, who is set to release the Kolopa.com album, says.
The dread-locked singer said he was shocked to learn of online media reports alleging that he referred to the tribe as chickens when he only quarrelled with one person.

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Daily Mail

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  1. He did insult Tonga people we all saw it,what’s the point in denying? Proof is all over the internet.

  2. He did good to cancel coz I was ready to give him a beating of his life for calling me a chicken elo tukakumana were ever I will see u kaleza che it will be hell on earth for him u tell him that u so called janourlist