Namwala PF supporters living in fear


Namwala PF supporters living in fear

Namwala, February 4, 2015, ZANIS –Namwala Patriotic Front (PF) District Chairman Felix Chibwe has appealed to politicians in the area to avoid resorting to violence when aggrieved.


Meanwhile, Mr Chibwe told ZANIS in Namwala today that some people in the district were living in fear of their lives for supporting the ruling party.


He said that the PF in the district has already reported the threats against its supporters to Namwala police involving the burning of a hut by suspected political opponents in Maala village.


Mr Chibwe also narrated another incident were a women was stabbed on her feet just after the results of the presidential elections were announced in Belina compound in Namwala.


The PF Namwala district chairman has since appealed for the respect of other people’s political views instead of resorting to violence.