ECZ to embark on voter registration for the 2016 general elections.


ELECTORAL Commission of Zambia (ECZ) director Priscilla Isaacs says the commission will soon embark on voter registration in readiness for the 2016 general elections.
Mrs Isaacs said, however, the treasury needs to finance the process so that even the continuous voter registration can be maintained.
“We will be having voter registration in readiness for the 2016 tripartite election,” Mrs Isaacs said during a programme on Radio Phoenix yesterday.
And Mrs Isaacs said ECZ will use the electronic transfer of results in any by-election before the 2016 general elections.
She said ECZ information technology specialists have come up with a prototype to transfer results electronically.
She appealed to political parties to have trust in the electoral process which she described as transparent.



  1. Redesign the NRC to double as a voter’s card it will be easier. Zambia has plenty IT technocrats.