ZAMTEL pumps K250,000 into N’cwala


ZAMTEL has pumped in K250,000 towards the hosting of the Nc’wala traditional ceremony of the Ngoni people this monthend.
N’cwala organising committee chairperson Noel Nkhoma said at the Ngoni cultural night and dinner dance on Friday that ZAMTEL would be the lead sponsor of the event, whose total budget was in excess of K700,000.
The annual traditional ceremony will this year be held on February 28 at Mutenguleni Village in Chipata District.
The Ngoni cultural night and dinner dance was the culmination of events leading up to the N’cwala ceremony.

Mr Nkhoma also thanked the organising committee members for their efforts aimed at ensuring that the ceremony was a success.
Chief Madzimawe said the N’cwala was a unifying ceremony of the Ngoni people attended by other people from different tribes, making it a national event and a truly Zambian ceremony.
Chief Madzimawe, who represented Paramount Chief Mpezeni at the dinner, said the Ngoni Royal Establishment had been using the ceremony to fight early marriages, besides showcasing the Ngoni tradition.
Justice Minister Ngosa Simbyakula graced the event and acknowledged the role the N’cwala ceremony played in celebrating and showcasing the rich Ngoni culture and uniting Zambian people.


[Times of Zambia]