— Communities cut off as bridge is washed away in Mkushi District

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Communities cut off as bridge is washed away in Mkushi District

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Mkushi. January 12th, 2015, 2015, ZANIS —Heavy rains have led to the collapse of the bridge that links Chitina and Kasokota communities in Mkushi’s Chief Chitina’s Chiefdom.

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Mkushi’s Deputy Council Chairperson Lewis Mayuya confirmed the development to ZANIS, in an interview today.

Mr. Mayuya said that the bridge which connects the 2 communities across  the Lunsemfwa River, collapsed over the weekend.

He added that the development  has affected about  8000 residents in the two communities across the river.

He said of the victims four had suffered minor  injuries when the log bridge collapsed on the them, adding that the victims have since received medical attention at Nkumbi Clinic.

He said that he had since informed relevant authorities within the District Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit(DMMU) about the damaged infrastructure, saying that the matter was under consideration.

And Mkushi District Education Board Secretary Nicholas Mwamba revealed that Mulundu Community school had its roof blown off by powerful winds that accompanied the heavy rains.

Mr. Mwamba mentioned that frantic efforts are being made to address the problem that befell on that learning institution as soon as possible.   




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