HH advised to take responsibility of Mongu violence

Zambia United- Eastern Province, HH HIchilema - Meeting fellow Zambians is always a highlight of my day.
Zambia United- Eastern Province, HH HIchilema - Meeting fellow Zambians is always a highlight of my day.

Patriotic Front member Sunday Chanda has advised United Party for National Development (UPND) President Hakainde Hichilema to take full responsibility of the violent incident that happened in Mongu yesterday.
Mr. Chanda says much as the incident is regrettable, it can only be fair that the blame is apportioned correctly stating that Mr. Hichilema was advised about the arrival of the Acting President’s at the airport therefore he had the option of departing from Mongu earlier before the arrival of Dr. Scott, but that he decided to take his supporters to the airport in total disregard of the security advice given to him earlier.

Mr. Chanda notes that this alone was an act of provocation and failure by Mr. Hichilema to take measures that prevent eruption of inter-party violence.
He says if Mr Hichilema has no respect for Dr. Scott as a person, he should respect the office he occupies as Acting President of the republic of Zambia.
Mr. Chanda has called upon Mr. Hichilema to also condemn the violence by UPND targeted at PF members in Monze and Mazabuka.
And Evangelical Youth Alliance International Executive Director Reverend Moses Lungu has condemned the political violence perpetrated by the two political parties.
Rev. Lungu says political parties should campaign peacefully and live it to the people of Zambia to judge who they think is a better candidate based on the messages they are being given.

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