A critical shortage of diesel hits Chavuma


A critical shortage of diesel hits Chavuma


Chavuma, January 9, 2015 ZANIS—A critical shortage of diesel has hit Chavuma District in North-western Province forcing motorists to travel as far as Manyinga District in search of the commodity.


Motorists talked to told ZANIS that is was costly for them to travel over 100 kilometres to purchase fuel and appealed to those dealing in petroleum products to consider investing in remote areas like Chavuma.


Nathan Chinyemba, a motorist said previously motorists  were buying fuel from Zambezi which is about 83 Kilometres from Chavuma but Zambezi district is also facing similar challenges.


Mr. Chinyemba said many motorists are forced to buy fuel from the black market because it has proved to be an expense to buyit from Zambezi district where there is an established filling station.


He observed that fuel shortages would be addressed if a filling station is opened in the district.


Mr Chiyemba has since called on government to intervene in the matter so that a lasting solution is found.