I do not regret endorsing Lungu – RB

Rupiah Bwezani Banda RB
Rupiah Bwezani Banda RB

Patriotic Front President Edgar Lungu says he does not understand why some people are condemning former Republican President Rupiah Banda for endorsing him.
Speaking when he addressed a mammoth rally at Petauke Day School in Petauke District today, Mr. Lungu says veteran politician Vernon Mwaanga who has endorsed his fellow tribesman in UPND president Hakainde Hichilema has not been condemned by anyone.

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Mr. Lungu says his endorsement by Mr. Banda is not based on tribe but that the former president has seen something in him.
Mr. Lungu says some politicians are not comfortable that he is receiving the full support of the former Head of State, because they have realized that it is game over.
Speaking at the same rally, Former Republican President Rupiah Banda Has vowed to go round the country to campaign for PF President Edgar Lungu.
Mr. Banda says he does not regret endorsing the PF President and has assured Easterners that he will not give up until Mr. Lungu is ushered into office.
Some of the notable people present at the rally included former Petauke Central Member of Parliament Dora Siliya, Local Government and Housing Deputy Minister Nicolas Banda and former Minister Peter Daka among others.
And speaking during a rally in Nyimba District, MR. Lungu says leadership comes from God thus the reason why he will not fail to rule the country.
He says the people of Zambia have seen for themselves what the PF is capable of doing as evidenced by the developmental Projects embarked on by Late President Michael Sata.

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