Make old and new buildings accessible by people with disabilities-Mukanga

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Transport, Works, Supply and Communication   Minister Yafwa Mukanga has directed the Monze District Council to ensure that all buildings are accessible to people living with disabilities.

During a tour of the construction site for the council office block in Monze
today, Mr Mukanga noted that it was important for people living with
disabilities to have easy access to both old and new buildings in the District.

“You should make sure that we do not disadvantage people living with disabilities by ensuring these people have easy access to both new and old buildings,” said Mr. Mukanga.

 Mr. Mukanga also castigated the council for using substandard cement
blocks to construct the new 16 offices and directed the local authority to procure good quality building blocks in order to
construct a good quality office block.

The Minister also urged the contractor Kamuzi General Dealers to do a
good job and avoid shoddy works that would result in government
losing colossal sums of money.

“Let us ensure that we do a good job so that everyone including the
government will be happy,” said Mr. Mukanga.

And Monze Council Director of Works Anold  Mwanabunga said the project
which has gobbled  about K1 Million is expected to be  completed in May this year.