Mpezeni reconciles with Catholics

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Paramount Chief Mpezeni of the Ngoni
people has reconciled with the Catholic Church and had his marriage
blessed in holy matrimony at a colourful ceremony in Chipata today.

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Giving a sermon at St Gabriel Outstation at Luangeni village, Catholic
Dioceses of Chipata Bishop George Lungu urged people to take a leaf
from the Paramount Chief who has realized that God was the answer in
this life.

Bishop Lungu noted that marriage was an institution which God put in
place adding that the couple should always to rely on God’s guidance
when faced with challenges and also in happiness.

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Bishop Lungu stated that there is need for people to bury the past and
begin a new life by putting God first in the daily endeavours of life.

He said people should follow the steps Paramount Chief Mpezeni who is David Jere
and his wife Ester Mbewe, has taken to have their marriage blessed in
church and dedicate their lives to God.

He has also urged the electorates to vote wisely in the forth coming
Presidential election by voting for someone who has a passion to work
and improve people’s lives especially the poor.

Bishop Lungu also urged politicians to respect one another as they
conduct campaigns for the January 20,2015 if elections were to go

He said it sets a good example when chiefs were God fearing and gives a
good example to the subjects to follow suit.

The Bishop has since declared St Gabriel Outstation a sub Parish to enable the
subjects and the Paramount Chief have services closer to them.

And speaking at the same function, Senior chief Kalindawalo has called
on other chiefs that did not have their marriages blessed in church to
emulate Paramount Chief Mpezeni.

He also appealed to the church to honour Paramount Chief Mpezeni by establishing
a Parish in Luangeni village as a gesture of good will as that will
encourage people in the Ngoni land to attend church services.

And speaking through Induna George Zulu, Paramount Chief Mpezeni said
he was following the footsteps of his parents who were Catholics.

The traditional leader thanked the Church for accepting his request to
reconcile with it and also have his marriage blessed in holy matrimony.

He urged the people to have respect for one another as human beings and
avoid confrontation.

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