HH accuses PF of lacking focused leaders

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UPND president, Hakainde Hichilema, says leaders in the ruling Patriotic Front are not focused on delivering change for the Zambian people.


In a statement released to ZANIS, Mr Hichilema said Zambia urgently needs a leader that can address the plight of children, farmers, workers, students and the unemployed.


He said the lack of leadership is hurting Zambians across the country on a daily basis.


Mr Hichilema cited the incident in which farmers were arrested yesterday in Serenje and Kasama as few of the many farmers that have not yet received their maize payment from Food Reserve Agency (FRA).


He said it is unfortunate that the PF general conference is being held at Mulungushi Rock of Authority which closed last month due to water shortages.


He has called on Acting President Guy Scot to now re-focus his attention on the country and the Zambian people and do everything within his power in order to have a free and fair election on January, 20, this year.