Milupi endorses HH

Opposition Alliance for Democracy and Development (ADD) president Charles Milupi
Opposition Alliance for Democracy and Development (ADD) president Charles Milupi

The opposition Alliance for Democracy and Development(ADD) has resolved to rally behind UPND Leader Hakainde Hichilema in the forthcoming presidential by-election.

ADD President Charles Milupi made announcement during a media briefing today, stating that the decision was arrived at after realizing that the UPND can deliver the much needed development in the country.

Mr. Milupi has since instructed all ADD members to go flat out and campaign for Mr.Hichilema for the position of the Republican President.


He notes that Mr. Hichilema has been a victim of various arrests, tear gassing and persecution resulting in court appearances.

Mr Milupi says Mr. Hichilema therefore understands the Public Order Act and that it will be easy and necessary for him to review it once voted into office.

Mr Milupi is confident that if voted into office, Mr. Hichilema will no doubt form an inclusive government and deliver the much needed development.

Speaking at the same event, UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema says the PF government is a minority government considering that they received 42 percent of the total votes in 2011 while the remaining parties shared the 58 percent.

Mr. Hichilema says it is through such decisions as Mr Milupi has made that the votes will not be split in the January 20th polls.

Other noted people who attended the briefing include, People’s Party President Mike Mulongoti, All People’s Congress (APC) President Nason Msoni, Former Secretary to the Cabinet Sikechile Sachika and Former Prime Minister in the UNIP Government General Malimba Masheke.




  1. It is time really to have a meaningful step into the New Era! Let us go Forward as a Nation. Let us look beyond tomorrow. HH can make a big difference!