Civil servants urged to remain committed to duty

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Civil servants urged to remain committed to duty

Luangwa, Nov 25, 2014, ZANIS. . . . . Feira Member
of Parliament Patrick Ngoma has called on public service workers and those from the
civil society to be committed to their duties.

Mr Ngoma who is also Deputy Minister in the Ministry of Education, Science, Vocational Training and Early Education has also called for prayers for continued unity and peace as the country goes for the Presidential by-election on 20th January, 2015.

Mr. Ngoma made the call when he addressed a special District
Development Coordinating Committee (DDCC) in Luangwa yesterday.

He said government workers should remain committed to duty
and implement programmes even as the country goes for the
Presidential polls in January 2015.

He cautioned workers from both the civil society and public service
not to be used by politicians or to involve themselves in partisan
politics as this will have a negative impact in their execution of

Mr. Ngoma said workers should continue working hard and implement the
good policies of the PF Government even when the country was going for
the polls.

Meanwhile, the Member of Parliament has called on the people in the
area to embrace the developments that the late President Michael Sata had done
for the district and also to emulate him in seeing that the country
continues to develop.

Mr. Ngoma said all the developments that have come to Luangwa district
and the whole country were aimed at enhancing development in the

He appealed to the people to continue praying to God
to give the country another Leader who will be like President Sata who
had a heart for the people especially the poor.

Mr. Ngoma described the late President as a man who had a heart for
the country as this had been seen in the three years that he held office.

He described the late President Sata as a man who was dedicated to
improving the wellbeing of the people using his position as President
of the country and called on everyone to use whatever position they
hold in society to improve the wellbeing of the country.

Mr. Ngoma said this was the time that people should unite and pray for
continued peace in the country so that development was enhanced.