Youth Association blames Scott for PF indifference

Chipolopolo hit Blue Sharks in Pictures by EDDIE MWANALEZA-10
Chipolopolo hit Blue Sharks in Pictures by EDDIE MWANALEZA-10

Zambia Youths Association in the fight against corruption (ZYACA) says some actions taken by Acting President Guy Scott have now resulted in the tension the country is seeing in the ruling party.
In a letter dated 19th November addressed to Dr. Scott obtained by QFM News, ZYACAF Executive Director Rickson Kanema says the sooner Dr. Scott corrects the situation in the PF the better so that peace of our country can be preserved.
Mr. Kanema says his organisation has observed with dismay Dr. Scott’s lack of true leadership in the manner he has presided over the leadership succession wrangles in the Patriotic Front which have the potential to create chaos and anarchy not only for PF as a party but can engulf the entire nation.
Mr. Kanema has pleaded with Dr. Scott to note that the main interest of his organization is to ensure that he provides good and consistent leadership that will guarantee peace and security.
He has accused Dr. Scott of being biased and acting against his own Central Committee resolutions, which he is the current chairperson.
He adds that as outsiders, the people are aware that the PF in 2001, 2006 and 2008 Presidential elections adopted its Presidential candidate through the Central Committee which agreed and adopted the late Mr. Michael Sata as its Presidential Candidate.
Mr. Kanema says he is also aware that on Monday 17th November 2014, it was announced that the Central Committee that Dr. Scott chaired made a resolution to adopt its candidate through the Central Committee through a vote of 28 members who voted for adoption through the central committee and 7 voted against the same.
He believes that the resolution is binding on Dr. Scott as Acting PF President but his public pronouncements are completely opposite of this resolution.