Rupiah Banda never contributed a single ngwee – Nakacinda


Among the things revealed by Mr Raphael Nakacinda in his interview so far are that:

1. Rupiah Banda resigned as MMD president on 26th September 2011, three days after Mr Michael Sata was sworn in. He abandoned the MMD during its worst crisis and never offered any help or advice. George Kunda the then Vice president was the one who stood up for the MMD and fought against the schemes of the PF which included illegally impounding 100 MMD vehicles. The party had no elected president for 8 months up to May 2012.

2. Rupiah Banda never supported or endorsed Nevers Mumba when he ran as MMD president in 2012, contrary to popular opinion. Mr Banda actually told Dr Mumba that he was unlikely to win.

3. The MMD constitution does not provide for a separate vote for a presidential candidate.

4. The NEC meeting which resolved to suspend Dr Mumba was illegal and there was an element of deception when calling for that meeting. If the NEC members who made the resolution to adopt Rupiah Banda as the candidate were sincere, why did they not open up the process to all other potential candidates the way the PF has done?

5. The cadres who went to support Rupiah Banda at the secretariat were hired guns.

6. Reports that Dr Mumba has been paid by Rajan Mahtani and has bought a house in Kabulonga are completely false.

7. Contrary to public opinion, Rupiah Banda never contributed a single ngwee to pay the K400,000 bill MMD that was slapped with by Clement Andeleki, Registrar of Societies. MMD MPs contributed something but the much larger chunk was raised by Dr Mumba.


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