ZDDM sympathize with workers retrenched in 1990


The opposition Zambia Direct Democracy Movement (ZDDM) has indicated that it will this week join the six leaders of the workers who were retrenched in 1990 and go to the burial site of the late former president Fredrick Chiluba to hold silent fasting prayers.

ZDDM President Edwin Sakala has disclosed the development to QFM News that later the group will proceed to present a petition to the Minister of Justice in his ministerial capacity and as secretary General of the ruling PF.

Mr. Sakala recalls that thousands of workers retrenched 23 years ago under the Zambian government; International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank’s Structural Adjustment Program-(SAP) are still struggling to get their terminal benefits.

Mr. Sakala says thousands of the retrenches have since died from depression and poverty related causes.

He says the ones alive are mostly destitute in spite of their skill, good qualifications and experience as there are very limited job opportunities in the country.

He adds that the effect of the sudden loss of employment and failure by government to ensure that these retrenches to be paid their terminal till today has had a negative generation impact even on their children who could not continue with their education.

He furthermore adds that the unexpected job losses were a killer blow on the education of their children.

The ZDDM Leader explains that in their joint petition, they will be calling on government to intervene in the plight of thousands of former worker retrenched by organizations such as Zambia State Insurance Corporation, Zambia National Wholesale and Marketing Company, Premium Oil and UBZ among others.

Mr. Sakala says the group will communicate the date and time we shall be holding fasting prayers at the burial grounds of the former president and hand over of petition to those we consider as friends who respect Truth and Justice.

QFM News Zambia