ZRST sees traffic deaths an epidemic

The Zambian Road Safety Trust (ZRST) has observed that it is regrettable that road traffic deaths have remained invisible epidemic in Zambia.

ZRST chairperson Daniel Mwamba says he his Trust is of the view that such road traffic deaths are a hidden epidemic which the Zambian society has however thought of as only scattered individual events.

Mr. Mwamba says he thus urges all local authorities in the country to place heavy emphasis on making urban roads, especially residential ones safe for children.

He says his Trust will continue with its efforts to improve children’s road sense though this cannot be sufficient on its own. 

Mr. Mwamba says his Trust has already in the past 3 months, has taught and encouraged over 9000 children in primary school to use the roads safely.

He also urged drivers in the country to cut the speed of vehicles in the streets children use and that the Police and the Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA) should start clamping down on speeding drivers.


( Sunday 05th October 2014 )