Cattle rustling increases in Sikongo

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—–Cattle farmers in Sikongo district have threatened to take the law in their own hands if stock theft cases continue to rise.


The farmers disclosed at the meeting held at Sikongo Police station that there have been rampant cases of stock theft and that the animals are taken to a named Island in Liumba’s Kalabo district.


Speaking on behalf of other cattle farmers, Richard Kachana said some of their cattle have been recovered in many instances at the named Island whilst others have gone missing for good.


Mr Kachana added that the farmers are now forced to spend sleepless nights monitoring there animals in the plains fearing they might be stolen.


He added that some of the animals are taken to a named neighbouring country where they are exchanged with motorbikes that are on an increase in the district.


Speaking at the same meeting, a farmer, Liyengu Katiye, cautioned the law enforcers not to be allowing animals to be moving without papers in the district.


Mr Katiye further disclosed that their livelihoods depend on the animals hence if the situation is not controlled they might risk living in poverty.  


And Sikongo Police station Officer -in-Charge, Clement Mukosha, advised the farmers not to take the law in their hands but work hand in hand with the police by reporting all cases of stock theft to the police.


The meeting was attended by traditional leaders, councillors, cattle farmers and Sikongo Area Member of Parliament, Mundia Ndalamei.