Zambia to take sovereign decision on Ebola

Ebola outbreak in W. Africa
Ebola outbreak in W. Africa

Health Minister Joseph Kasonde says Zambia will use its sovereign decision to handle travelers from countries affected with Ebola.

Dr. Kasonde has also maintained that government has not banned traveling or travelers to and from countries with Ebola but only restricted their entries.

Dr. Kasonde explains that banning travelers from countries with Ebola will only be done if the level reaches a certain stage.

He says all people coming into the country from countries in West Africa are being screened by experts
The Health Minister has also indicated that scientists in Zambia have stated that no animal in Zambia has the virus that causes Ebola.

Dr. Kasonde stresses that surveillance has been going on for five years by the veterinary Doctors and that no single animal in Zambia is prone to the Ebola virus.

He adds that the ministry of health is ready in all districts and a team of specialists has already been organized to set up quarantine centers in case of the outbreak Ebola.

He has however stated that the biggest challenge will be how communities will handle their loved ones in the event they test positive to the Ebola virus.

Dr. Kasonde said this during the Sunday interview programme on ZNBC last evening.
( Monday 18th August 2014 )