sexual allegations against Game Stores Manager being treated with utmost importance

Game Stores
Game Stores
Game Stores Management says it remains committed to investigate the sexual harassment allegations against Game Stores Manager Vincent Pallan in a fair and transparent manner.

And the Game Stores Management has disclosed that sexual allegations against Game Stores Manager Vincent Pallan are being treated with utmost importance at the highest level and in consultation with the relevant stakeholders and authorities.

Game Stores Human Resources Manager Everisto Hakayobe has told QFM News in a statement that Game Stores remain committed to safeguarding the interest of employees and providing a wholesome and fulfilling work environment.

Mr. Hakayobe says Game Stores has been operating in Zambia for the past 15 years and that this is done in strict adherence to applicable Zambian labour laws and in consultation with relevant unions and employees.

Mr. Hakayobe says the company has a well defined and clear grievance procedure.

He adds that the Game stores management has also set up an independently managed ethics phone line where employees who choose to be anonymous can be heard in an event that they fear victimization and or intimidation.

Mr. Hakayobe says the company is fully aware that the aggrieved ex-employee has not made use of the internal procedures to address her grievances before or immediately after her contract of employment had expired, in June 2014.

He says Game Stores management only became aware of the allegation against the Game Stores boss on the 11 August 2014.

( Friday 15th August 2014 )



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