Mumba advises African countries to practice laws according to their constitutions

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—–Former Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) Chairperson, Justice Florence Mumba, has urged African countries to practice laws enshrined in their constitutions.

Justice Mumba, who is also retired Deputy Chief Justice, has observed that most African countries do not enforce fully their laws but instead refer serious cases which are supposed to be tried within their countries to the International Court of Justice.

Justice Mumba was speaking yesterday during the Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) discussion forum when she propounded on the Kenyan election violence of 2007 at Taj Pamodzi hotel in Lusaka.

She said African countries fail to try serious cases in their countries because of selfishness exhibited to by politicians in power.

And Justice Mumba has disputed that the International Court of Justice is targeting most African countries.

Justice Mumba said it is unfair to accuse the International Court of Justice of targeting African countries and stated that it is African countries that refer serious cases to the ICC due to failure to try cases within their jurisdiction.

Meanwhile, a constitutional lawyer, Muna Ndulo, said the International Court of Justice only tries cases referred to it by countries failing to prosecute serious cases.

Prof Ndulo said currently the International Court of Justice is trying 21 cases involving African countries for crimes against humanity, genocide and other serious cases.

He cited the Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, Uganda, Darfur and Liberia as one of those countries among others whose leaders are tried by International Court of Justice.