Luwingu headman reserves land for construction of health post


-A village headman in senior chief Shimumbi’s area in Luwingu district of Northern Province has reserved one hectare of land in readiness for the construction of a health posts near Malekani Primary School.


Malekani village headman of the Bemba people told Luwingu District Commissioner, Mambwe Katontoka, that land to construct a health posts in his area has been arranged.


She said people in his area are happy that government, under the leadership of President Michael Chilufya Sata, has considered giving them a health post which will alleviate some of the health issues the community has gone through for the past 50 years since the country got its independence.


And Ms Katontoka said the health post to be constructed at Malekani Primary School will be one of the 650 health posts the government intends to construct countrywide.


She also said government, through Roads Development Agency, will construct Mumana Lupando-Chifwile road and maintain all the bridges along the road to enable farmers transport their farm produce easily to the market.