Why Vote For NAREP IN 2016?


We are the only political party in Zambia that is worried at the amount of power that is held within the presidency. Lord Action once said that “Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” The Zambian president has too much power that any genuine process to criticize or challenge his decision does not materialize. This would not be a major issue if there were in place systems to challenge the president’s decision making powers and authority. The law as it currently stands presents few opportunities to ensure accountability of such commanding power. Moreover, in practice the “separation of powers” is virtually non-existent as the president’s reach overshadows the theory behind separating of powers in running a state.

NAREP would curtail presidential powers, because currently our framework is fertile ground for raising a tyrant. For the sake of posterity, the necessary constitutional measures have to be put into place to guarantee that our laws do not breed a tyrant for a president. A vote for NAREP means a genuine assessment by the leaders of the party to give the president enough power for him to be effective, but create checks and balances enough to prevent the rise of a tyrant.

If the constitution is left to party politics, we won’t be guaranteed that the document that eventually comes out as the law of our blessed land will have the measures to prevent the tendency of absolute power to corrupt absolutely; even well-meaning men and women when granted absolute power succumb to its medusa attraction!!

Elias Chipimo Jnr



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