Nawakwi vows to continue with meetings after Mufulira


Dear Friends,

Following yesterday’s inconvenience were the police questioned me and the FDD delegation for almost an hour for what they allegedly called breach of the Public Order Act it is very clear that most of our men in uniform have pedestrian knowledge of the Public Order Act. It is embarrassing to note that the entire Mufulira Police Headquarters does not even have a copy of the Public Order Act. How then can we expect our law enforcers to enforce a law whose text they do not know. It is for this reason that as FDD we have offered ourselves to provide resources to the Ministry of Home Affairs to organise workshops to educate our brothers and sisters in uniform on the provisions of the Public Order Act.

I want to reassure the police that as a Party we will continue holding meetings with our members countrywide and that we will never be intimidated . Right now we are busy mobilising in Wusakile in Kitwe.

I also want to congratulate all our members on the Copperbelt for the wonderful work they are doing of forming structures and electing leaders at District Levels.

FDD, Zambia First.