George Mpombo says opposition political parties in Zambia are ineffective and won’t win the 2016 polls.
Mpombo, who is Peoples’ Democratic party (PDP) leader , said it was true there were a number of issues going wrong within PF, but the opposition should not think they would get into power in 2016 because they were not a serious challenge to the ruling party.
owing to their failure to relate with the people.
” The disunity in the opposition camp is a severe setback to the promotion of effective checks and balances to the ruling government,” he said.
Mpombo said the weak state of the opposition would be PF’s strength in 2016.
“These are problems due to what i would call narcissistic personality disorders and the leaders’ styles. We don’t seem [to think] that we need to put both our hands on the desk in order to kick out the PF government. The opposition must be strong enough to give a good run to the government,” he said.
Mpombo said each of the leaders in the opposition had their own personal egos to fulfill and that each each opposition leader wanted to do their own things.
” This has somehow weakened our grip or our drive as an opposition. Unless we come to to change,Unless we come to the grip of this situation, we are going to find that the opportunities will continue to slip through fingers,” he said.
Mpombo, who admitted that he needed to re-organise himself politically, said it was folly for any political party to claim it would win in 2016.
He said the likelihood of having a one term-party in government was slim.
” It is wishful thinking for a political party to think they can go in the 2016 elections and grab the power from the ruling party,”he said.
Mpombo said the PF was making mistakes but that as long as the the opposition force remained ineffective, the PF would carry on beyond 2016.



  1. For as long as the opposition parties continue to run their affairs as they currently do, sorry George Mpombo is correct – wishful thinking. Selfish motives must be put aside which I don’t see happening.