Goats for Grammas draws a crowd


The second annual “George’s Goats for Grammas” run/walk drew more than 150 participants to Cable Saturday, April 26, with proceeds designated for a charitable mission in Zambia, Africa.

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The race is named for George Voss, a resident of Water’s Edge Long-Term Care Center in Hayward. He is the inspiration behind the event, which raises money to buy goats, chickens, seed and a well for grandmothers in Zambia, Africa, who are raising their grandchildren (most of them orphaned because of AIDS).

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Logan Dahlbacka of Hurley and Alyssa Bjerlien of Lake Nebagamon were the top male and female, respectively, in the 5-kilometer run, while Jon Lindberg of Lake Nebagamon and Kerry Jarvis of Hayward were the top man and woman, respectively, in the 5-mile run.

5K run

Top men: Logan Dahlbacka, Hurley, 22:39; Wesley Wilson, Hayward, 24:29; Craig Manthey, Drummond, 24:29; Ken Frame, Hayward, 24:40; Brian Mast, Hayward, 25:08; John Uffenbeck, Cable, 26:04; Joseph Tomczak, Minneapolis, 26:48; Scott Smith, 31:01; Bryan Anderson, St. Paul, 37:00; Len Carlstrom, Siren, 37:52.

Top women: Alyssa Bjerklien, Lake Nebagamon, 25:15; Libbey Endersbe, Lakeville, Minn., 26:02; Carley Endersbe, Lakeville, Minn., 26:11; Marie Tomczak, Minneapolis, 26:35; Connie Frey, Hayward, 27:32; Cheryl Larson, Ashland, 27:48 Anna Amundson, Hurley, 27:56; Anne Adams, Cable, 28:17: Katie Hancock, Cable, 29:27; Amanda Stone, Hayward, 29:32.

5-mile run

Top men: Jon Lindberg, Lake Nebagamon, 29:44; Tom Meyer, Hayward, 31:47; Matt Ostrander, Hayward, 31:59; Allen Pederson, Spooner, 33:13; Steve Boss, Hayward, 33:22; Jonathan Boss, Cable, 37:45; Lon Anderson, Cable, 38:43; David Sherwinski, Park Falls, 40:04; Gary McCracken, Hayward, 50:37.

Top women: Kerry Jarvis, Hayward, 40:36; Anna Garrett, Duluth, 42:59; Amanda Halbersma, Minneapolis, 43:42; Beth Morgan, Hayward, 45:06; Sue Scheer, Hayward, 45:18; Julie Wirsing, Winter, 45:35; Sharon Sherwinski, Park Falls, 45:41; Stacey Raymond, Hayward, 47:28; Kelly McCracken, Hayward, 50:37; Rachel Van Hale, Minneapolis, 50:54.



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