JK teams up with MultiChoice for Telemundo Loving


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TAKING advantage of the Telenovela fever, MultiChoice Zambia and JK have teamed up in a partnership that will see the singer embarking on a tour next month to promote his Telemundo Loving song as well as the channel, which is available on DStv.

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The partnership was confirmed on Wednesday during a press briefing held at the MultiChoice head office on Alick Nkhata Road in Lusaka.
The telenovela phenomenon has taken viewers by storm around the world, and this is no different in sub-Saharan Africa, following the remarkable launch of Telemundo on DStv in August last year.
To date, the channel has received a significant amount of following, so much that JK composed a song and released a video under the title Telemundo Loving, currently climbing the music charts in Zambia and gaining popularity among viewers.
“Since the launch of Telemundo and through my discussions with fellow female friends and fans, I realised that there was a huge fan base of the shows on the channel. This inspired me to write this song. It narrates the story of a guy telling a lady that he will love her like the women on the channel are loved,” JK commented.
JK’s show in April will see him promoting the hit single and the channel in as Lusaka, Kitwe, Livingstone and Ndola.
DStv viewers across Africa have been offered compelling Spanish language telenovela filled with dramatic roller coaster of romance, mystery, action and adventure from exotic locations around the world. Viewers were introduced to high quality productions such as Aurora, Precious Rose, My Heart Beats for Lola and Behind Closed Doors.
“The addition of the channel to DStv came at the time when the concept of telenovelas was gaining momentum around the world. We are delighted that Telemundo has gained overwhelming traction with our audiences, in this short space of time.
“We will continue to offer the best content and variety in the programming across our platform. It is also pleasing to know that a show of this magnitude has as a result sparked interest from talent in the music industry,” MultiChoice Zambia public relations manager Marlon Kananda says.
DStv viewers can visit the DStv Zambia facebook page to view JK’s chart-topping song and roadshow details including the current news on Telemundo.


Daily Mail

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