Mtayachalo denounces MMD

MMD cadres sing outside DEC

THE opposition MMD has continued to ‘crumble’ after its controversial Copperbelt Information and Publicity Secretary Yotam Mtayachalo yesterday denounced the former ruling party for the Forum for Democracy and Development (FDD).
Mr Mtayachalo with his Ndola District Secretary William Wilima and District Youth chairperson Cephas Musonda have aligned themselves to the FDD because the ‘MMD had allegedly lost its relevance in the political circles and was headed for extinction’.
Mr Mtayachalo said he had consistently voiced his concerns over how things had been going wrong in the MMD, which was now in disarray because of lack of unity.
He said this at a FFD press briefing held at Sherbourne Guest House in Kitwe where Mr Wilima and Mr Musonda announced their defection from the MMD to FDD.
“You don’t need to be a rocket-scientist to see that MMD is dead. I have been in the political circles for a long time having been a founder member of the MMD,” Mr Mtayachalo said.
He said he was a staunch believer of unity in the opposition but that this was not the case with MMD, which was dying a natural death.
Mr Mtayachalo was full of praise for FDD president, Edith Nawakwi, saying he was convinced beyond reasonable doubt that she had credentials to make a suitable republican president.
“Zambia is ripe for a woman president and I feel the decision taken by my colleagues is a right one and I have no apologies to make to anyone,” Mr Mtayachalo said.
When pressed for a clear position whether he had ditched the MMD for FDD, Mr Mtayachalo failed to be categorical, prompting Ms Nawakwi, who received to the defectors to intervene by saying everyone had their own way of announcing such a move.
“Maybe Mr Mtayachalo wants to find a better forum probably in Chama North for announcing his defection,” Ms Nawakwi said.
Earlier, Ms Nawakwi who was accompanied by FDD spokesperson Antonio Mwanza and a few other party members said the defection of the MMD members followed an interactive meeting they held which was devised to try and build bridges among the political parties in a bid to reduce tension.

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