Govt. confiscates 249 ‘ mukula’ logs in Lundazi District

Zambia’s commercial timber stocks equal 340,1 million cubic meters, more than half of which grows in the three provinces targeted by the CIFOR-led research, according to Food and Agriculture Organisation estimates
Zambia’s commercial timber

Government confiscated 249  timber,  locally known as mukula , valued K1, 000 in Malaga area, along  Lundazi -Kazembe  chief Zumwanda  in Lundazi District.

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ZANIS reports that Lundazi District Forestry Officer, Amukena Musiwa disclosed  this in an interview in Lundazi District , today.

Mr. Musiwa says the action was done during the Easter holiday.

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He said unscrupulous timber traders believed to be from Lusaka, hired local villagers to indiscriminately  cut high valued mukula trees  for sell in Lusaka or outside Zambia.

He said concerned members of the public alerted his office that  had piled 249 mukula logs in Malaga area, along Lundazi-Kazembe road, chief Zumwanda.

He said upon learning this he alerted his officers who rushed to the area to arrest the culprits but unfortunately the culprits escaped the dragnet.

He said the confiscated mukula logos were at District Forestry Offices in readiness awaiting court action .

He has since warned villagers not to accept unscrupulous people asking them to cut timber without licenses.

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