Veteran soccer commentator Dennis Liwewe has died


Veteran soccer commentator Dennis Liwewe has died.

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The legendary Liwewe died in the early hours of Tuesday at Levy Mwanawasa.

The 78 year old celebrated broadcaster is on record to have followed the Zambia national soccer team for national TV and radio for decades.

His passion for soccer and meaningful contributions to football commentaries extended way beyond Zambian soils.

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In 1977, he was awarded the Order of Distinguished Service by first Republican President Kenneth Kaunda, in recognition for his contribution to the development of soccer.

When the British Broadcasting Cooperation-BBC wanted to broadcast a match live between Zambia and Zaire, the BBC recognized Liwewe’s invaluable talent in soccer commentary and recruited him as one of their correspondents.

This achievement meant that he had to cover football and sports in general, a task he diligently carried out until 2004, when he was retired as BBC correspondent.

Liwewe becomes the latest high profile sportsperson to die following the demise of former Zambia internationals Keagan Mumba, Dennis Lota and Kaiser Kalambo.

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