Govt. embarks on fish restocking in Lukanga Swamps in Chimbombo District


 Government says it has embarked on the fish restocking exercise in the Lukanga Swamp in Chibombo District and other smaller water bodies in the area.

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Chibombo District Fisheries Officer Fines Chisupa confirmed the development in an interview with ZANIS , April 16, 2014, .


Mr. Chisupa says the exercise which will gobble over K60, 000 is aimed at enhancing the fish stocks in the water bodies.

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He said that  there has been a rise in demand for fish in the district and the surrounding areas, hence, the need to restock the water bodies with fish to keep up with the demand.


He noted that overfishing in the Lukanga Swamp has continued to deplete  the  stock in the district.


He said this has reduced the number of fish catches in the swamp and subsequently the income of the people who depend on fishing for their livelihood.


He said in addition to restocking the swamp with fish, the department was also creating other alternative sources of fish by restocking other smaller water bodies like ponds and dams with fish seed.


Mr Chisupa said the department has since restocked Mutemba Dam in Keembe farming block with 3,500 fingerlings.


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