People of Kakoma cut off from Mwinilunga District

Group of traditional leaders who attended the exchange visit in Mwinilunga

People of Kakoma area in Mwinilunga district of North-western province have been cut off from the district following the washing away of the Kasampula Bridge along Lumwana-Kakoma road.

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Kasampula ward councillor Roy Muyembi told ZANIS in an interview that the bridge was washed away following heavy rains the area experienced last week making the road impassable by motorists.

Mr Muyembi added that the Mufundu Bridge is also on the verge of collapsing and is appealing to government to work on the Lumwana-Kakoma road which links Zambia to the Democratic Republic of Congo through the Kambimba Border Post.

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He said people in the area have been finding it very difficult to access health and education services among others due to the bad state
of the road.

Mr Muyembi noted that it will also be challenging for farmers in the area to transport their farm produce if the road and washed away bridges are not worked on soon.

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