Luampa District Cries for electricity

Rural Electrification Authority
Rural Electrification Authority

Luampa District Commissioner Alfred Miyato says lack of electricity in Luampa District of Western Province is likely to delay development in the area.

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Mr Miyato attributed the delay to lack of seriousness by the contractor engaged by the Rural Electrification Authority (REA) to construct Luampa sub-station.

He told ZANIS that the Patriotic Front (PF) government is working hard to bring development in the country but some contractors are disappointing.

“If the contract fails to meet the current deadline again we shall ask REA to terminate the contract and find a serious contractor who is willing to help government deliver development to the people of Luampa,” he said.

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“We cannot continue extending the deadline, people want to see development. Looking at the current works at the substation and information availed to my office by the contractor, the project may go up to 2015,” said Miyato.

The District Commissioner noted with sadness that Luampa Mission Hospital has been operating without a mortuary for years due to the continued lack of electricity in the area.
The project is being undertaken by Earthrow Investments who had promised to complete the project within six months after being awarded the contract in March 2013.

The electrification of Luampa was planned to be implemented into two phases with the first being the construction of the 11Kilo Volts (KV) line by 2011 and the second being the construction of the 66/33 2.5 Mega Volt Ampere (MVA) substationm by 2013.

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