Books for the new curriculum to be delivered by mid next term- Minister

text books for implementation of the new education curriculum
text books for implementation of the new education curriculum

Deputy Minister of Education, Science, Vocational Training and Early Education, Patrick Ngoma says the books for the new curriculum which are to be used from grades one to four will be delivered to various schools by mid next term.

In an interview with Radio Chikuni News, the Minister says due to the fact that there are a lot of schools in Zambia, it became difficult for the Ministry to distribute these books in a short period of time, hence they contracted book producers to expedite the production of the books.

He adds that he is happy that some unions which were against the idea of using local languages in lower grades are now supporting the idea because they have seen that it is a move which will help our country in the long run.

Mr Ngoma further appealed to teachers and head teachers concerned not to just wait for the Ministry to deliver the books but to find means of acquiring them.

Chikuni Radio


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