We the NAREP youths are sick and tired of this “Tom and Jerry” type of government that is taking Zambians for a ride. The PF is handling the constitution like a ball which can be kicked in all directions. Just recently, we were informed that the draft constitution will be handed over to the Ministry of Justice, but today another story emerges in which the Ministry of Justice has denied ever receiving the draft constitution. The PF should stop playing these games as this is not a cartoon world.
The PF cannot outsmart the people by wanting to hijack the constitution making process because the people of Zambia will not allow them to hijack what rightfully belongs to them. The constitution is a very important document that must not at any time be discredited by anyone not even the PF themselves.
The Patriotic Front should stop playing mind games but should instead tell the nation why they instructed the Technical Committee drafting the constitution to hand over the draft constitution, constitution bill and the constitution report to the Permanent secretary at the Ministry of Justice instead of delivering it to President Sata who is the appointing authority as stipulated in the terms of reference. The Justice Minister, Mr Wynter Kabimba is the very person that informed the nation that the committee was going to hand over the document to the President.
We demand that the PF to come out in the open and tell the nation why there have been delays in the handing over the draft constitution which they promised to give the people of Zambia within 90 days once elected into office. It is now clear that the PF lied and used the people of Zambia just to get votes.
President Sata and the entire PF administration should not tamper with the contents of the draft constitution. The Zambians who voted them into power will soon vote them out of power and put them back in the ranks of opposition were they best belong.
Wilson Banda
NAREP Youth League Chairman
3 April 2014

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NAREP Secretariat

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