Police in Solwezi launch manhunt for suspects behind the killing of 15 year old boy.

Police arrest handcuffs arrested jail
Police arrest handcuffs

Police in Solwezi has launched a manhunt a suspect people believed to have murdered a 15 year old boy of Kimiteto area in Solwezi district.

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North-western Province Deputy Commissioner of Police Michael Nkaka said the deceased, identified as Jonathan Leho was allegedly assaulted by Kenneth Nzaila and another person only identified as Ngoyi last week.

Mr Nkaka said Leho was admitted to Solwezi general hospital where he later died.

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Mr Nkaka said the matter was reported to police by the deceased’s mother and one of the suspects has been arrested in connection with the murder.

Meanwhile, Police have picked up a body of a 38 year old man of Katooka area in Chief Mumena’s area who is suspected to have been murdered by unknown people.

Mr Nkaka identified the deceased as Bisto Koloboki of Mulumba village who was found dead and thrown four meters away from the Mutanda-Chavuma road.

He said the deceased is believed to have been drunk but police suspect that he was murdered in the early hours of yesterday.

Mr Nkaka said the body of the deceased is lying in Solwezi General Hospital awaiting post-mortem and police have since instituted investigations into the murder.


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