Govt. bemoans poor school infrastructure in Western province

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Govt. bemoans poor school infrastructure in Western province

Kaoma, March 30, 2014, ZANIS —- Government  has bemoaned the poor school infrastructure in western province.


Western province minister Josephine Limata expressed her concern that most schools are in a deplorable state.


She has since appealed to the ministry of education to quickly work on the dilapidated and blown off schools in the constituency in order to motivate teachers and improve the learning environment for pupils.


The provincial minister said this during her tour of duty inspecting school projects in Namengo and Mutondo wards of Nalikwanda constituency in Mongu district, yesterday.


Ms Limata most schools in Nalikwanda constituency in particular are understaffed resulting in poor performance by pupils hence there is need for the education sector to ensure that more teachers are sent to the area.


She has however, requested the inspectors of schools in the province to strengthen their monitoring activities so that children received better and quality education in the province.


Ms Limata complained that the standard of education in the province has reduced greatly due to non availability of teachers coupled with inadequate learning materials.


Meanwhile, Ms Limata has expressed sadness at Mongu based constructors who have abandoned their construction works in most schools in the province.


Sh said one by two classroom blocks at Namengo, Lukweta and Sasenda primary schools respectively have been abandoned by named constructors from Mongu district since the year 2009.


She said that government was spending colossal sums of money in the education sector but selfish individuals were amassing the much-needed resource on the expense of development .


She reiterated that the Patriotic Front government is a pro-poor government that is a hurry to uplift the living standards of people in the Western province.