Shiloh institute impart acting skills into pupils

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Shiloh Arts Training Institute, the only school for Actors in Zambia, has spread its training programmes to pupils in Lusaka and beyond.

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The training institutes has since embarked on training pupils who have passion for acting and art in some schools in Lusaka and part of the Central Province.

In Lusaka, the programme is being implemented at Kamwala Secondary School where a class for actors has been opened while in Central Province, Moomba Boarding School in Chibombo district is the beneficiary of the similar programme.

Shiloh Arts Training Institute Director Evans Chisenga disclosed to ZANIS in a telephone interview in Chibombo district that the programme has received overwhelming response in the schools where it is being implemented.

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Mr. Chisenga disclosed that the training programme at Kamwala Secondary School will take six months while at Moomba Boarding School, the programme was short and is coming to an end soon.

Mr. Chisenga, who is currently at Moomba Boarding with his team filming a short movie with pupils on peer pressure, stated that the programme has proved to be helpful to pupils as it also help spread sensitization messages on various vices such as drug and alcohol abuse
amongst pupils.

He disclosed that following the successful completion of the short course in acting, the pupils of Moomba have been accorded an opportunity by the institution to produce a short movie on peer pressure in order to educate other pupils on bad vices and their consequences.

He added that pupils at Kamwala Secondary School, who are taking a similar course, will also produce a movie at the end of their six months training to showcase what they will have learnt at the end of their programme.

Mr. Chisenga also disclosed that Shiloh Arts Training Institute has been requested to extend the training programme to Serenje Boys Secondary School in Central Province.

He said the institute was considering commencing the training programme at Serenje Boys after completing the production of the movie with the pupils at Moomba Boarding School.

Mr. Chisenga has since appealed to government and other stakeholders to partner with Shiloh Arts Training Institute and fund some programmes to train pupils which would also help them acquire acting skills at a tender age and sensitize them to stay away from bad activities.

He noted that the institute could have wanted to implement the training programme in almost all schools but its plans were being hampered by lack of financial resources.

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