Govt. releases 100 metric tonnes of relief maize.

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Govt. releases 100 metric tonnes of relief maize.

Sinazongwe, March 26, ZANIS—Government has released one hundred metric tons of white maize to Sinazongwe District in Southern Province to be distributed to the vulnerable in hunger stricken areas.

Sinazongwe District Commissioner Dodo Sindaza disclosed this during the District Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit committee (DDMMU) meeting held at Sinazongwe District Council chambers yesterday.

Mr. Sindaza said the relief maize was to be distributed to areas around Kafwambila Siameja in the Southern part of the District which were badly hit with hunger.

He said the committee had already identified an NGO called Kaluli Development Foundation (KDF) to conduct the distribution exercise on behalf of government as soon as possible as the situation in the identified areas was critical.

The committee unanimously agreed to have the maize distributed to Kafwambila Siameja areas following recommendations by KDF which had been distributing food to most affected areas in the district on behalf of government.

The committee indicated that the relief maize will be distributed to the vulnerable members of the community free of charge in the selected areas while part of it would be distributed as food for thought.

In another related development government has released over seventy thousand kwacha under DMMU in the office of the Vice President to Sinazongwe District for rehabilitation of two Schools whose roofs were blown off early this year due to a hail storm.

Over K 56, 000 had been released for Chamukwapulo Primary School while over K 16, 000 released was for Sinazeze Primary School.

The DDMMU also resolved that contractors working on the rehabilitation on the two schools will be identified and engaged as soon as possible as the matter was a disaster that required immediate mitigation.

The committee further resolved to put in place modalities that would help quicken the process of distributing the relief maize and ensure that rehabilitation works on the two affected schools commence as the matter had been declared disasters.