Unga chief sends relief sos

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—– A traditional ruler of Lunga district in Luapula province has called on the government through the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU) to come to the aid of the people in his chiefdom.

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Chief Kasoma Bangweulu of the Unga people in the Bangweulu wetlands says his subjects are starving  due to hunger which has hit the chiefdom.

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He said the hunger situation has been caused by flooding in the area which has submerged almost all the maize and cassava fields in the area.

ZANIS reports that the chief says there is need to send relief food to the area adding that government should employ permanent workers to clear the water channels in the area which are the main cause for the flooding.

He added that due to the floods there is an increase in water borne diseases in his chiefdom as the people are using pit latrines that are flooded with water.

Chief Unga said the situation calls for immediate action to find a source of clean drinking water like  putting up of a water treatment plant.

Meanwhile,  Lunga District Commissioner Rose Chimbini has urged the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit to urgently respond to the appeal.

Mrs. Chimbini pledged to follow up the matter with the DMMU .

And Luapula province coordinator Mweetwa Haambai has disclosed that DMMU was aware of the situation in Lunga and that a team had been sent to assess the situation in the area.

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