Kabwe ground water under threat

Four-year-old Munsanje pumps water. (Photo- ©2013 Laura Reinhardt:World Vision)
Four-year-old Munsanje pumps water. (Photo- ©2013 Laura Reinhardt:World Vision)

CENTRAL Province Permanent Secretary Edwige Mutale has warned that ground water resource in Kabwe is threatened because of increased settlements and indiscriminate cutting down of trees.
Ms Mutale said two boreholes in Makululu Township had since been abandoned due to contamination.
This came to light when Ms Mutale officiated at  Makululu-Mukobeko well field during the tree -planting exercise to  mark the World Water Day under the theme, “Water and  energy focusing  on the  importance of  fresh water advocating sustainable management of fresh water” on Saturday.
“When people illegally settle or start building in uncoordinated and unplanned manner, the result is lack of  sanitation facilities and  lack of  provision of clean and safe water,” she said.
She urged members of the public to stop indiscriminate cutting down of trees.
In Kitwe, Copperbelt Minister, Mwenya Musenge attributed the prevailing poor health conditions in communities to lack of access to adequate clean water supply.
He said this in Kitwe when he officiated at the World Water Day activities.
“Inadequate access to water is felt most by women and children who face the burden of collecting water for consumption and other household chores,” Mr Musenge said.
He said Government was committed to improving the water and sanitation sector, as the two were vital towards improved health, social and economic development of the nation.
Eastern Province Minister Malozo Sichone said Government was committed to supporting commercial water utilities through direct funding.
Mr Sichone said this in a speech read for him by Deputy Permanent Secretary Zechariah Luhanga during celebrations to mark World Water Day.
He said Government through a partnership with cooperating partners would continue providing funding to the water utility companies for improved performance of the energy sector in both rural and urban areas.
In Choma, Southern Province Minister Daniel Munkombwe has directed water and
energy service providers to scale up their operations to meet increasing demand for water and energy.
These include Southern Water and Sewerage Company (SWSC), local authorities through the National Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Programme, department of Water Affairs and Zesco.
Mr Munkombwe said reliable access to clean and safe water as well as energy was critical to development in the province.
And Southern Water Sewerage Company managing director Charles Shindaile said the water firm was working with partners like Water Aid Zambia to promote the green industry water supply system in areas like Chisekesi in Monze District.

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  1. Mp were in the meeting friday. They voted that Kabwe old mine should be reopened quickly so there will be jobs for Kabwe residents and clean up the mess from past mining. The representative from ELP spoke very well, his name was Denis human. We all cheered when he asked us if we wanted to see Kabwe in the news for good reasons.

  2. Kabwe needs to be cleaned up for the people of Kawbe and the future generations. We need EPL to have approval so that they can help us get rid of this mess once and for all and also generate jobs.

    Please government do the right thing

  3. Why didn’t the MPs attend the Kabwe public meeting yesterday?That is there job. They should have been there to deal with all those in the community who protested yesterday and the Eurapean environmental men who asked for another reports.MPs should be there to stop the delays