Fourth mobile operator possible – Mukanga

Transport and Communications Minister, Yamfwa Mukanga, says government has made progress in clearing the way for the fourth mobile operator, but that the license is only to be offered after digital migration project.

Mr. Mukanga has told QFM News in an interview that in as much as government and the people want to have a fourth mobile service provider, the fourth mobile license can only be given after digital migration.

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Mr. Mukanga says the fourth mobile service provider will come with many advantages such as reduced cost of making phone calls and other services.

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He says government is concerned with the high cost of making phone calls and believes that once a fourth mobile service provider comes on board, such challenges will be addressed.

Mr. Mukanga explains that there is need for the country to free some spectrum from the current frequency which can only be done after going digital.

Government last year in August put off plans to award a fourth mobile license in Zambia despite having received bids from several telecom operators who had expressed interests in setting up business in the country.

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