Monze residents urged to campaign for clean drinking water.

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Monze district joined the rest of the country in commemorating the world water day whose theme was water and energy.

Monze District Commissioner Big Mwiinde said that in line with this year’s theme, the provision of safe and adequate water using any kind of energy available could not be over emphasized.

Mr. Mwiinde urged Monze residents to rise and join in the campaign for provision of clean and adequate water to the communities.

Speaking in a speech read on his behalf by Monze District Agricultural Co-ordinater (DAO) Justine Ngosa the DC said for developing countries alone $103 billion per year is required to finance water, sanitation and waste water treatment by 2015.

The DC estimated that 75% of all industrial water withdrawals were used for energy production.

The commemoration was held at Manungu Day Secondary School in Monze yesterday.