Detroit USA : Covington students to purchase tractors for Zambia

Covington students to purchase tractors for Zambia
Covington students to purchase tractors for Zambia

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A thrilling surprise for students at Covington School in the Birmingham school district. They’ve been raising money to purchase tractors and water pumps for people in Zambia. Friday, they received a $10,000 matching donation from Microsoft and Skype to accomplish their goal.

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A group of sixth graders huddled around a TV screen in their classroom Friday to watch a live feed of WE Day in Seattle, an invitation-only rock star event for young people making a difference. For the last year, Covington students have been holding can drives, and selling T-shirts and jewelry to raise $12,000 for villagers in Zambia who need tractors and water pumps to farm their land.

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“The tractor will help them be more productive because right now they’re doing everything manually,” explained 6th grader Corey Gluckman. “It will also help create jobs.”

Gluckman is just one of a team of students who now realize making the world a better place is in their hands. The project inspired the organizers of WE Day and in the middle of the program through a video connection the students learned Microsoft and Skype are donating $10,000 to match everything they’ve raised so far.

“So as of today you have enough money to purchase both tractors for the village,” an announcer told the students who broke into applause and cheers.

The news took a minute to sink in and brought the teacher and some students to tears. While the big award helped the students reach their goal, the project doesn’t end here. The school is making a long term commitment to the people of Zambia. They’ll be keeping in touch and keeping track of how their gift is changing lives. The school day ended with hugs for Mrs. Roberts. a few more cheers, and hope for a brighter future from the Covington classroom and across the world.

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