MMD MPs challenged to substantiate Mumba’s lavish lifestyle rumor

Dr Nevers Mumba - Victory Ministries International Conference 1999
Dr Nevers Mumba - Victory Ministries International Conference 1999
MMD National Treasurer Mwansa Mbulakulima has challenged MMD members of parliament who have accused party leader Nevers Mumba of leading a lavish lifestyle and resolved to withhold their K2, 500 monthly contributions to provide evidence.

Speaking during a media conference in Lusaka today, Mr. Mbulakulima accused some MPs who have been against the election of Dr. Mumba of being behind such allegations.

Mr. Mbulakulima says the party does not pay Dr. Mumba any salary and wonders why what he described as irresponsible MPs can bring the name of the party leader in disrepute.

He says Dr. Mumba should in fact be praised for his financial contributions to the party during by-elections.

Mr Mbulakulima explains that the MPs’ contributions go to service the party secretariat and that Dr. Mumba has no share in those contributions.

Speaking at the same briefing, Acting MMD National Secretary, Chembe Nyangu, said the National Executive Committee (NEC) has decided not to ratify the appointment of Kapembwa Simbao as National Secretary.

Mr. Nyangu adds that the Disciplinary Committee headed by Vice Chairman Edgar Keembe has been constituted to look at all outstanding cases in the MMD after which a general amnesty will be promulgated on all cases except those in courts of law.