Police in Chipata have summoned HH and his entourage – UPND


The Police in Chipata have summoned HH and his entourage. The entourage has however indicated that they will only go to the Police Station after attending Church Service at Chigungu Mission.

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The police is insisting that our entourage must not visit the two constituencies (Malambo & Petauke) where by-elections will take place soon. But this is clearly contrary to the electoral act which allows anyone to visit such areas as long as it is not for the purpose of campaigning. The team has resolved that they will defy these directives and will visit all places they have scheduled to visit.

The purpose of the visit is to meet and strengthen party structures in the province. This is in line with the electoral act. In fact this is tantamount to denying the team their rights of movement and association. Some team members like VP Dr Canicius Banda would like to take this opportunity to introduce HH to their relatives. Is this a crime surely?

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Equally Sata by doing this is denying the general populace of Eastern province the right to information and association. In this we see Sata fearing that his failures will be exposed? Right to information is a universal right and the police (directed by dictator Sata) have no right to infringe that right. UPND will not allow that. We will fight for our rights and the rights of the voiceless.

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