Mother and grandma asks boy to steal stepmother’s dirty undergarments


A  FOURTEEN-YEAR-OLD boy of Lusaka’s Matero Township has testified before Chilenje Local Court how his biological mother and grandmother asked him to steal two dirty undergarments from his step mother in order to use them for rituals.
The boy is currently staying with his father who has re-married after divorcing his mother.
But this has not gone well with the former wife who is fighting hard to win back the heart of her former husband.
“I was asked to put charms on my stepmother’s bed so that she could be chased,” he told the court.
“My mother and grandmother asked me to get a blouse and two dirty undergarments from my stepmother so that they could use them for rituals.”
This was a case in which Betty Katanga, 29, of Lusaka’s Matero Township sued Susan Phiri, 33, and her mother Violet Phiri of Bauleni Township for getting her blouse and underwear and smearing charms on her matrimonial bed.
The boy submitted that he was asked by her mother and grandmother to steal the clothes from her stepmother when he was only five years old so that she could later be divorced.
Katanga told the court that she started experiencing backaches and her stepson told her that it was his biological mother and grandmother who were responsible.
“My stepson told me that he felt very bad each time I complained of a backache and decided to tell me that his grandmother and mother were responsible,” she said.
But in their defence, the two denied having performed any rituals on Katanga’s lingerie, saying they had no reason to behave in that manner because Susan was also married to another man.
“I can’t remember sending my son to do anything for me because each time we meet, he runs away from me as if I’m not his mother,” Susan said.
“I can never hold any grudge against Katanga because she got married when I had already divorced my husband.”
Susan said she could not recall the last time she met with her son because his stepmother stopped him from visiting her.
Chilenje local court magistrate Sharon Sichone adjourned the case for to another day for judgment.